Vides dizains will introduce innovations in personnel management

SIA VIDES DIZAINS together with the University of Latvia, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and other partners in Germany, Finland and Poland implements the project “KAforHR”, which aims to promote cooperation between business, educational institutions and small and medium enterprises in partner countries and help create innovative jobs.


The project carried out a study of national good practices on innovation in the workplace and developed training using “KAIN” (Knowledge Acquisition according to Individual Needs) method. The “KAIN” method envisages that participants with different experiences create a common knowledge base, taking into account their individual experience, and help is provided to develop and implement innovative solutions in the company. After gaining theoretical information and exchanging experience, participants have two months to implement an innovation in their company.

This year in September, the first stage of training took place at the LCCI, in which a representative of SIA “Vides Dizains” together with managers of other 14 companies and personnel of various industries and sizes also participated. Within the project, participants gained knowledge about changes in today’s labor market and business environment, characteristics of an innovative company and entrepreneur, innovations and creativity in business, non-monetary motivation to ensure employee satisfaction and other current topics, as well as visited TET, Bite Latvija and Accenture Latvia. By participating in these trainings, the participants have started working on the implementation of individual innovative solutions in the company.

Until November, the participants will work individually to implement innovations in their companies, while further training includes a seminar by Fontes Executive Search leading researcher Anta Praņēviča on remuneration system development and a visit to 4Finance office, where Daiga Ērgle, HR Director, will talk about opportunities and challenges in employes involvement and education . At the end of the training in November, the companies will present the innovations introduced in the companies and share their experience in implementing these innovations. The introduced innovations will be available on the LCCI website

More information about the project can be found on this website:

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