The LLC VIDES DIZAINS (Environmentally Sustainable Design Company) has been established in 2003 to work with the development of environmentally sustainable projects. The company works as the real estate developer in urban and rural environments, promoter of the energy efficiency projects and is involved in the consultancy. The environmentally sustainable design is a broad and complex area that spans across numerous fields of expertise. Therefore, our activities are not limited to particular areas and can be extended to many spheres of life.

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VIDES DIZAINS strives to achieve the highest possible quality of life for today’s citizens and future generations. We place a high priority on protecting the natural environment through sustainable development practices.

Why we focus on the sustainable development?

• Lower operating costs

• Higher return on investment

• Enhanced marketability

• Productivity benefits

• Reduced liability and risk

• A healthier place to live and work

• Demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility

• Future proofed assets

• Competitive advantage through product differentiation

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